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1. Price

Prices of merchandise sold by Altumis are those in effect at time of shipping to the client. All prices published or shown are for the merchandise shipped from our Tyrosse premises, unless otherwise specified. In the event of pricing errors on invoices, the client should notify Altumis in writng within thirty (30) days of the invoice date in order to receive a revised and corrected invoice. All taxes on sale, delivery and shipping of merchandise are payable by the client, and will comprise at least the applicable sales tax and the goods and services tax.

2. Payment

Unless Altumis has garanted the client a credit, all purchases must be paid by cheque or credit card (master card / visa) upon delivery. Where credit is approved, payment is due within thirty (30) days of the statement date. Overdue amounts are subject to late-payment charges of 18% per year until full payment. Full payment is required with no discount or other reductions unless the client has a credit note from Altumis. And wishes to apply it against the amount owed.

3. Special orders

At its discretion, Altumis may accept special orders for merchandise not usually carried at its Tyrosse premises. Authorized special orders must be accompanied by a non- refundable deposit and may not be cancelled. All orders are shipped from our Tyrosse premises. Shipping charges apply unless otherwise specified in writing. The handling over of merchandise to the shipper constitutes delivery to the client. From the time of delivery, the client is fully responsible for all risks of damage or loss. Altumis is therefore not liable for damage occuring during shipping or for delivery or shipping failures or for shipper’s delivery delays.

4. Returns

Merchandise may not be returned without the prior written authorisation of Altumis. Requests for authorisation of the return of merchandise and the actual merchandise concerned must in all cases reach Altumis within fifteen (15) days of the invoice date. Clients may not return if it is in good condition, in the original packaging, unopened and undamaged, with the original seals.

5. The corresponding invoice

Merchandise for which return is authorised will be subject to a handling charge of 20% of the cooresponding invoice amount plus shipping fees.

6. Cancellation of orders

Cancellation of orders (other than special orders) requires the prior written authorisation of Altumis. Clients may not cancel special orders.

7. Claims

By signing the merchandise delivery slip, the client accepts the merchandise and acknowledges that it complies with the merchandise ordered. After delivery of the merchandise to the client, Altumis may not be held liable for any loss or damage in connection with the merchandise.

8. Limitation of liability

Altumis liability towards the client, for whatever reason, is limited to the following: the client may opt (1) replacement merchandise, to be supplied at Altumis premises in Tyrosse or a refund of the original purchase price, under no circumstances may Altumis be held liable for direct, indirect, secondary or other damage, or for breach of contract, negligence or any other legal reasons.

9. Other legal reason

Amounts claimed may under no circumstances exceed the purchase price of the merchandise

10. Fortuitous events

Altumis may not be deemed to have negligence in the fulfilment of its obligations if fulfilment of these obligations is delayed. Interrupted of prevented by fortuitous events.

11. Applicable laws

Orders and purchases of merchandise are subject to the laws of France.

12. Full agreement

These are the full terms and conditions for purchases of merchandise by the client. No clause in these terms and conditions may be modified. No additional clauses may be added to these terms and conditions unless they are signed by the vendor and a director of Altumis. In the event of such modification, it will be unaffected by the use of order forms, descriptive brochures or other documents containing different terms and conditions between these terms and conditions and the ones appearing on the order form used by the client. The terms and conditions shall reveal that these terms and conditions do not provide any warranty or condition, express or implied; in particular, they do not imply a warranty regarding the merchantable quality of the merchandise or its fitness for a particular purpose. Retention of ownership. All merchandise remains the property of Altumis until paid for in full. Altumis may take legal steps to recover the merchandise upon expiry of a period of three (3) days following delivery of a formal demand in writing, if this demand has no effect.

13. Use of merchandise

The client is responsible for all risks and liabilities arising from loss, damage or injury resulting from improper use of the merchandise